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Here at Forum Group we understand that an overwhelming majority of C-suite executives (87%) believe live events will become increasingly important to their organisations and are planning on investing in them more in the future. What are the options to effectively market your brand in a business to business environment via effective event campaigns?

This month on the Forum Group blog, we have compiled our tried and tested list of innovative B2B event marketing ideas to inspire your event strategy.

1. Organise a Hackathon

Host a Hackathon for your customers rather than a traditional summit. Your clients team up with your employees for a 24-hour hackathon to create brand new tools or feature enhancements. This type of event helps corporations engage their customers and serves as an intimate networking event for your participants.

2. Pick an Interesting Venue

Imagine organising an event on an island off Sydney Harbour! That would be memorable! There are so many options for unique, special venues on our doorstep. Think sunset cruises, museums, rooftop bars, private dining experiences, casinos, the zoo and you can’t go past purpose built convention centres for that architectural wow factor and convenience.

3. Design an Interesting Venue

Following the last point on selecting interesting venues, if you can’t hire or find a suitable venue, design the space that works best. Forum Group has worked with many clients to brand, design and style venues that start out as a blank canvas and finish as a customised space equipped with all the requirements for your event scope.

4. Invest in Exciting Event Goody Bags

Surely you’d want your attendees to leave your event with amazing memories and experiences. But a little take away bag can help create a lasting impression. Consider offering attendees the latest device that hasn’t hit the market shelves yet or a wonderful, eco friendly tote is bound to leave a lasting impression. While you might not be able to hand out a piece of technology before it hits the shelves, interesting freebies can generate buzz and positive feelings towards your event and brand.

5. Host a Talent Show

How incredibly engaging and memorable would your event be if your employees or stakeholders deliver a stand-up comedy set or perform a song with their band? This fosters a connection with the attendees by allowing them to be part of the event.

6. Customised Event Branding

By investing in the overall event branding, organisers stand to create something truly unique and targeted. Do not restrict yourself to marketing an event solely through your own company brand engage a designer to create a brand for your event to stand alone. Set up a hashtag online for your event to track the event on social media.

7. Engage Partners for Collaboration

This includes sponsorships, speakers and exhibits. Work together with those at the top of your industry to engage them and their knowledge. Finding appropriate sponsors lets you tap into their customer base as well as their brand to entice new attendees at your event.

8. Use Event Management Software

Nobody said running an event was easy. But it could be easier if you used event management software to help you manage your contacts and data generated from your event.

From networking to keeping track of the agenda to lead generation functionalities, these tools can set your event apart from the rest. Forum Group offers clients access to our in-house event management professionals and tools to keep your event on track.

9. Immerse them in technology

With recent advances in technology, augmented reality and virtual reality have become valid options for keeping attendees engaged at an event. Consider using VR headsets, holograms to showcase your brand, event apps and wearable tech as part of the event experience. Use these technologies at your exhibition booth or reception to leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

10. Plan a Live Demonstration

When it comes to B2B product and services, it’s difficult to get your target audience to listen to your demonstrations or try your product out. In-person events can help you get your product in front of prospects and clients.

11. Host an After-Party

Events are often packed from start to end with keynote speeches, live demos and learning sessions. An event after-party for exhibitors, attendees and speakers of your event is a great way of ending your event on a high note and can also provide a networking opportunity for attendees.

12. Organise an event Kick-Off

You can begin your event with an ice breaker or a kick off party. Similar to an after-party, the aim of a kick-off party is to give attendees the opportunity to connect with people prior to the actual event.

13. Event Live Stream

There are many people out there who might not be able to physically attend your event but would still love to learn and be a part of what your event has to offer. Consider live streaming your event, or at least the keynotes or highlights of it.

14. Set up an Event App

Attendees can use an event app for one-on-one messaging, learning about event sessions, sponsors and speaker and engaging in live polls and surveys.

15. Experiential Activities

Experiential marketing is all about giving your attendees an experience that they’ll never forget and associate that with your brand. Why not set up face painting, creative workshops, games and innovative technologies for attendees to experience and play with or set up a photo booth. Consider what the attendees can see, hear, touch, eat and play with as they move through the event space.

16. Social Media Tags

Social media is an effective channel for promoting an event and facilitating discussion among event attendees. One method commonly used is the hashtag to create a virtual “library” of outsourced media and comments from attendees.

17. Organise Live Music

Include different musical performances planned throughout your event campaigns. Why not entertain guests with R&B, acoustic jams, pop or a DJ set performances throughout the day? Karaoke for attendees to participate in is a memorable, fun and engaging way to incorporate music!

In closing…
Explore your options and let your creativity flow in allowing your event to enhance and showcase your brand, business model and influences. Think outside the square where possible. For professional event management services, contact Forum Group to discuss your event brief.

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