The Sweet spot for C-Suite Roundtables

We are living in an age where consumers are bombarded with massive amounts and at speeds never seen ever before. And despite technological advancements, our free time seems to have become even more scarce. Marketers are increasingly faced with challenges in capturing and retaining customer interest.

The Challenge

Our client was looking to create awareness of their Technology Solutions division. Targeting a a C-Suite audience, they were looking to provide thought leadership and position WINC a serious provider of I.T. solutions for small and medium businesses in Australia.

The Solution

Time is a valuable commodity. And this is especially true for the C-Suite. Therefore, the right campaign needed to provide attendees with a reason for attending – a greater payoff that if they spent their time working on their business.
The solution was to hold a series of exclusive C-Suite Roundtable in Sydney.

The four pillars to the solution were:

  1. Strategic collaborations: sponsorship with the CEO Institute for exclusive access to Australia’s who’s who of CEOs and C-Suite
  2. Carefully curated content delivered during the sessions that address specifically address attendee pain points
  3. Encouraging attendance by offering a tangible reason to attend: providing an opportunity for professional and personal growth
  4. White glove VIP event management to ensure the best possible experience at every touchpoint during the event.

How We Made It Happen

Backed by one of Australia’s most influential business associations, the partnership with the CEO Institute was not only instrumental in driving attendance but also provided an added layer of legitimacy to the event.

Invitations were sent by the membership manager to ensure invitations would be delivered and read.
Understanding the pain points of the target audience was one of the keys to the success of this campaign. Registration also involved a short 7-minute pre-event questionnaire to gauge the thoughts and opinions on registrants. The information gathered from the questionnaires were used to develop content during the events.

Led by a high-profile I.T. Commentator, roundtables provided a backdrop to discuss the key concerns of the attendees. Each event had a slightly different twist in content, which was specifically tailored to the registrants of that event.

At the end of the event series, content discussed during the sessions were collated and a whitepaper was developed and circulated to event attendees. This was extremely well received as it also provided attendees with valuable insights that they could take back to their businesses. In addition, all attendees were given the chance to participate in a zoom call with the I.T. Analyst to discuss their specific pain points and challenges.

White glove VIP event management was also critical in making the campaign a success. Some of the executed tactics included:

  • Invitation eDM sent directly from the CEO Institute Member Services Manager mailbox
  • Follow-up call from CEO Institute Membership Manager for added legitimacy.
  • The option of a corporate car service pickup and drop-off to the event for all registrants.
  • Working with each registrant’s PA to ensure all specific needs and personal preferences were considered.
  • Exclusive catering by Aria Catering to make the event even more special.
    Optional networking time before and after the event for those attendees.

The Results

  • 100% attendance target attainment
  • 5 out of 5 rating event attendee experience rating on feedback forms
  • Over 75 one-on-one strategy sessions held
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