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Latest in Event Engagement, Tech and Style Trends

Event management is a fast paced and ever changing industry that is constantly influenced by the latest trends and technologies emerging in the market. At Forum Group Events our goal is to use these trends to consistently deliver memorable experience that educate, connect and or inspire. Here is our list of the latest trends that we are currently seeing in our industry:


  1. Technology that engages

Utilising innovative technology has become a more integrated aspect of event planning and increasingly we are seeing organisations incorporating technology to push delegate engagement. Some examples of this include:

– Virtual and augmented reality: with fantastic implications for corporates to showcase their products, we have seen hotels and the tourism industry embrace this technology and combine it with traditional marketing and business development methods with great results.

– Gamification:  e.g. think of the huge phenomenon that was Pokemon Go. A similar concept can be applied to events and team building activities.

– Using data capture: think about the impact of gauging audience reactions to live experiences will have. Post event surveys are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

– Artificial intelligence: Feeling overwhelmed with amount of data captured? AI will assist in the ability to analyse and sort through it all helping you to get on with leveraging the intel.

– RFID wristbands and other wearables: Name badges and hand held scanners will be replaced with RFID wristbands that track delegate movement through a tradeshow and offer a customised experience. Attendees can receive a personalised link to a page of digital content with their photos, notes, what they clicked on, etc.

– Beacons & geofencing: Event organisers will be able to receive rich aggregated data on guests – i.e. where they visited, for how long, their demographic. This info can then be shared with the host to aid future campaign planning.  The potential to observe delegate behaviour will lead to even further customised experiences. Consider this – advertisements can be switched depending on the demographic of who is present.

– Interactive social media: Utilising social media to boost engagement is nothing new. However, we are especially witnessing the rise of SnapChat with over 110 million daily views and other platforms incorporating SnapChat features, it is certainly one to try.

– Video trumps all other content! – see point 4 below.

– Other hardware tech is becoming prominent and accessible, such as drones.

– Webcasting is now cheaper and easier to use than ever before. Consider the impacts of this technology! Delegates can attend meetings remotely and you can record and publish seminar content simultaneously.


  1. Personalise and customise – whenever you can

Intimate events are gaining traction. The big ballroom events still have their place however smaller, customised events are being held more frequently as people look to gain knowledge that is directly personalised and targeted to them.

Delegates have spoken through record attendance numbers – they want to attend smaller events where they have the chance to interact with other guests and invited speakers, have their questions answered, and be given the opportunity to contribute their own knowledge. They want organisers to facilitate introductions to contacts that are meaningful and relevant. As corporate marketers hosting events – we can use this trend to organise highly successful, targeted, sell-out events.


  1. Creative interactions

Further to the point above, enhanced delegate interaction can be coupled with the opportunity to be creative! Involve your guests in fun and effective engagement strategies. Think outside the box and make an educational experience memorable. Combine technology with creativity, for instance, invite delegates to draw on an iPad and have their artwork projection mapped onto a wall within the event space.


  1. Video is killing images, advertising, blogs, PowerPoint and ALL other content

Video has been outperforming images and worded social media posts for quite some time now, however more recently, customised video production, editing and promotion has never been easier or more affordable for marketers who happen to be hosting an event they wish to showcase. Forum Group Events’ team can assist you with this process and in particular with engagement strategies that will extend the life of your event, maximising the ever-important return on marketing spend investment.


  1. Style trend: Fresh, greenery

In terms of event styling – adding greenery via flora and graphic imagery is the latest hot design trend. Not only does it signify freshness but green tones and leafy images give people a sense of wellness. If you can, take your event outdoors literally or decoratively! Do everything you would normally do in amongst nature, under a marquee or theme your room using natural tones and leafy, outdoorsy props.


  1. Program it in: Make guest wellness a priority

We are hoping this one is more than a passing trend. Apply this approach to your events program by incorporating healthy menus, meditation, yoga, exercise, relaxation sessions, tranquil outdoor functions, chill out lounges or feature fresh greenery as part of your event décor and your delegates will reap the benefits as well as, with any luck, recall the event positively! As delegate happiness is an important measure of your success, incorporating this trend is a fantastic and stress-free addition to your to-do list.


For inspiration or information on how to apply these event trends to your next campaign, contact the Forum Group Events team on (02) 9212 6125 or info@forumgroupevents.com.au

The Event Management Organisation of the year is…FORUM GROUP EVENTS!

Forum Group Events has taken home the Meetings and Events Australia (MEA) national award for best ‘Event Management Organisation’ overcoming strong competition at the MEA gala dinner held at the ICC Sydney.


Managing Director, Leanne Constantino, accepted the trophy recognising the company’s stellar delivery of conferences, meetings and events in Australia, saying the announcement was testament to the dedication, creativity and passion of Forum Group Event’s team of event professionals.


18268132_10155310835692010_1162639581287892417_n (005)

“The entire team here at Forum Group Events is delighted to receive the 2016 MEA national award marking our 20 year anniversary. We absolutely thrive on creating memorable experiences that connect, educate and inspire. Looking to the future, our aim is to continue to deliver innovative integrated events and marketing solutions whilst providing our clients outstanding customer service.” said Constantino.


The ‘Event Management Organisation’ category measured the impact and efficacy of event management companies over the previous year. The award was judged on several criteria, including business planning and management, marketing strategy, resource management, creativity and innovation, financial performance, contribution to the industry as well as the overall uniqueness of the company.



Trusted by global Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, Forum Group Events is a multi award-winning integrated events marketing and management organisation.


Forum Group Events has a national network alliance of innovative professionals that strive to deliver world-class events. We create end-to-end marketing experiences that connect, educate and inspire whilst driving business results for a diverse range of clients.


Our integrated campaign approach offers a complete solution to meet event and marketing objectives. The FGE team excels at event strategy, event management, event promotion, audience acquisition and extending the life of an event whilst always maximising ROI.


For further information visit www.forumgroupevents.com.au


Forum Group Events has been awarded twice over by Meetings and Events Australia (MEA) at the recent NSW awards night. The events marketing and management organisation overcame strong competition to take home the accolades for ‘Best Event Management Organisation’ and ‘Meetings & Events Management Organisation (less than 8 employees)’.


Managing Director, Leanne Constantino, was thrilled to accept the MEA awards recognising the company’s outstanding provision of services to the Australian conference, meetings and events industry, saying the announcements were welcome recognition of the dedication of Forum Group Event’s team.


State award win 2016


“The Forum Group Events team is extremely delighted to receive these MEA awards at state level. Our team takes pride in providing our loyal clients memorable events that connect, educate and inspire their delegates. Our focus remains on delivering innovative events and marketing and execution solutions whilst providing outstanding customer service. We could not have achieved these accolades without the dedication from our entire team.” said Constantino.


The ‘Event Management Organisation’ and ‘Meetings & Events Management Organisation (less than 8 employees)’ categories, reviewed the impact and efficacy of event management companies over the previous year. The categories were judged on a number of criteria, including business planning and management, marketing strategy, resource management, creativity and innovation, financial performance, contribution to the industry as well as the overall uniqueness of the company.


Forum Group Events are now finalists for the National MEA awards dinner to be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC) on Tuesday 2nd May 2017.


Trusted by global Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, Forum Group Events is a multi award-winning integrated events marketing and management organisation.


Forum Group Events has a national network alliance of innovative professionals that strive to deliver world-class events. We create end-to-end marketing experiences that connect, educate and inspire whilst driving business results for a diverse range of clients.


Our integrated campaign approach offers a complete solution to meet event and marketing objectives. The FGE team excels at event strategy, event management, event promotion, audience acquisition and extending the life of an event whilst always maximizing ROI.

For enquiries:

Lauren Hayward

General Manager

Forum Group Events

Tel:  02 8302 5523 

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Optimising Business Outcomes: Forecasting and Measuring ROI metrics from events


From Fashions on the Field to Event Theming: 2016 Spring Racing Event Trends

The Spring Racing Carnival is the signature series of racing events in Australia. Inspired by this season’s fashions, Forum Group Events’ passionate experience creators have translated the catwalk styles into event theming looks that can be applied to corporate events of any scope. The most reknown on the racing events calendar is the Spring Racing Carnival including the illustrious race meets; Caulfield Cup Day, Cox Plate Day, Victoria Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day, Stakes Day and Crown Oaks Day – the event carnival has become synonymous with glamorous fashion, indulgence in fine champagne and gorgeous interior designs within the corporate marquees and venues across the country. It’s time to think ahead and plan – which stylish event trends can you bring to your next corporate function.

Spring is in the air

Let the season be your inspiration. For corporate event planners, starting their preparations early, think bright, bold colours and native Australian flora. Forum Group Events’ team brings a wealth of styling ideas and creativity to any corporate event function. From coordinating the concept development, to sourcing the venue, props, flowers, display accessories,  furniture, artwork and even astro turf for the flooring – our team will help you pull together the spring look and feel. Use exaggerated racing props, customised signage and graphics and bold coloured furniture to ensure the Spring Carnival theme works for you.

Think Derby Day with a twist – Monochrome plus a colour

Black and white event themes have been a long time Spring Racing Carnival favourite. Inspired by the dress code for Derby Day, FGE can develop the monochrome event theme by using table linen and draping effectively. We will source fantastic props, for example metallic horseshoe centrepieces, that will make a statement when combined with a bouquet of spring foliage and add a mirrored base underneath for extra glamour. If you are looking to add in your corporate colours to the palette, monochrome can be broken up with a feature colour. FGE can advise on the racing day florals and colours weaving them into your event theme. Caulfield Cup Day features a white rose, Cox Plate Day has a Cecil Brunner rose, Victoria Derby Day has a blue cornflower, Melbourne Cup Day has a yellow rose and Crown Oaks day has a pink rose. FGE can boost your client engagement by organising a betting pool for your guests!


Rustic Country Racing Flare

The Forum Group Events team of experience creators will work with you to create an organic and authentic rustic event setting. We can source fantastic and on-theme props such as garden accessories like wheelbarrows, watering pots and herb gardens. Hay bales and corrugated iron walls will add to the look. This event trend can emphasise your commitment to sustainability when you use recycled paper invitations and stationery and even up-cycled decor pieces. For outdoor events, marquee sourcing and fit out can be arranged and FGE has access to a national network of strategic alliances to maximise the impact of your time and budget resources.

Dress for Success

To add some Spring Carnival authenticity to your corporate function advise your guests on an appropriate dress code.  Stylish hats and fanciful millinery for the ladies are always popular however, see our guide below for track side dress codes to suit your Spring Racing theme:

Derby Day – monochrome (black or white colour palette) for men and women’s wear. Melbourne Cup Day – bright and bold colour choices are welcome on this day. Crown Oaks Day – Ladies Day. Feminine fashions for the ladies are always in style on this racing day. Stakes Day – think summery, relaxed, family orientated race day wear.

Racing to plan an event?

Contact the Forum Group Events team to discuss your brief. From venue selection, theming and concept development, event marketing, project management and attendee engagement, the FGE team can elevate your brand and deliver a memorable event.


Social Media for Event Planners – Is it all worth it?

In this digital age there’s no longer much doubt for businesses regarding whether being on social media is a good idea. If nothing else, the exposure, visibility and connectivity offered by social media has convinced most business owners that its worth their while. But what are the implications for corporate event planners if any? And how much juice is worth the squeeze?

Multi-award winning event management organisation Forum Group Events (FGE) dedicates a significant portion of their marketing time promoting events, corporate news, achievements and engaging with clients and other stakeholders online via renown social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. With multiple platforms reaching potentially different audiences the benefits are regularly reviewed to ensure there is some kind of return both financial and otherwise.

What is ROI when it comes to social media? Put simply it is any measurement of KPIs or metrics that prove your social media strategies are successful!

As with any other PR and marketing investment, the challenge has always been to measure the efficacy of a promotion in terms of sales. Analytics linking the correlation between an ad and an online sale are ideal but the direct benefits of social media presence alone are not always tangible.  The measurement of success may be assessed non-financially when observing an increase in brand awareness via engagement metrics such as ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘retweets’, ‘shares’ or accrued numbers of ‘followers’.

Social media broadcasting short cuts are now available and dashboards such as Hootsuite are saving digital marketers time in pushing their communications out to various mediums simultaneously. Essentially this suite of tools helps you work your content smarter not harder thus saving you time. It also ensures some consistency across your brand messaging.

When compared to the alternative of paid advertising in trade media and main stream media, the benefits of using an ‘owned’ marketing channel via a social media platform is certainly tempting to most small to medium corporations. Combined with the potential risk to brands if customers can’t locate or engage with a business or event in the social media web scape, it seems that the costs will have to be absorbed in order to avoid any possible damage to the brand.

Plan First Measure Later

In order to measure ROI initial planning is needed. Similar to your marketing or PR strategies and plans; social media objectives and reporting metrics need to be considered up front.  Event managers should treat every event as a unique business to be promoted and attendees engaged so as to maximise the effectiveness of the investment in hosting the event.

Set Goals ROI can be measured in a variety of ways: through customer acquisition, lead generation, clicks, revenue, contest entries, etc but the success of it all depends on your goals. Before you can track and measure your ROI, you need to determine your goals so you know which factors you’re measuring and what success looks like.

Beyond revenue, participating in social media has many beneficial business applications, such as facilitating customer service and boosting public relations.

Reach, traffic, leads, customers and conversion rate are metrics FGE suggests you consider to determine social media marketing success.

These include online purchases, filled-out contact forms, link clicks, newsletter signups, PDF downloads, social interactions, video views and more.

Choosing the perfect platform

The other main consideration is to carefully select the right platform for your requirements. Where do your customers hang out online? Are they tweeters or more inclined to connect on Facebook?

By now, most digital marketers agree that certain platforms tend to work better when reaching different audiences tuned in and looking for ideas that may be relevant.

For example:

Facebook – Generally Facebook is a great B2C marketing avenue.  Content can be a combination of images, copy and video.  The trick will be targeting the right market segment in this space.

Linkedin – A great platform to reach like minded professionals. Content should be a bit more polished and the platform tends to favour media releases and other corporate communications.

Twitter – short word count and highly conversational. Instagram – Highly visual: images and videos work best here. When determining your target market, you must figure out who they are, what platforms they prefer and how much time they spend there.

Reporting Finally after you have set your plan in place, chosen the right platform, and have begun to see some activity on line, it may be time to measure your movement on social media and plot it all down into a report. Afterall, your business owners would like to know how it is going and you will be interested to know if your strategies have been successful. Allow yourself some time to see results. Remember to be consistent in your style; post at regular intervals and keep your content fresh and relevant. Event planners and business owners alike should see some positive returns in the short to medium term.


Boost Your Event Social Media Results – Contact our event management and marketing experts to set up the social media tactical plan for your next event.

Spice Hot 100: Services and Suppliers

Forum Group Events have been recognised as one of the top 5 event management companies in Australia in the Spice Magazine Hot 100 for 2015. 

We would like to thank our valued clients and event partners for taking the time to vote for us.


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Alternatively, why not check out our latest white paper ‘What’s Hot in Events for 2015’.